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Welcome to WebEndoscopy

a new ground breaking learning tool, allowing you to view real-life endoscopies,
a superior resource in comparison to textbook and web images.
Digestive endoscopy is cutting edge technology, which is becoming
increasingly important in the diagnosis and treatment of many GI diseases.
This website aims to fulfil the vast need for education and training regarding endoscopy.

This easy online access enables you to view a variety of gut pathologies
and watch videos on endoscopic interventions to optimise your practice.
International guidelines/classifications and consensus among experts will be
regularly updated on this website.

The editorial board includes world class endoscopists,
who shared their work to provide this first class learning resource.
We want this platform to be an opportunity of publication,
so please contact us and send us your videos if you’d like this opportunity
to share your work globally.

Register now on WebEndoscopy and explore this wealth of information to build your knowledge and experience.

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